We would feel incomplete without our notebooks. Precious keepers of our thoughts, inspirations and reflections a notebook is home to the seemingly unrelated collections of life.  Visit the desks in our head office, and you find a notebook or two resting haphazardly underneath magazines, amongst post-it notes and other office paraphernalia.  Call us the creative types that like the sound of a turning page, pen meeting paper and scissors cutting – we celebrate all things tactile.  So when rain keeps us indoors or we feel like spending a moment with ourselves, we reach for our notebooks.

Our intentions are mixed.  Sometimes we contemplate the day, find peace or place a frustration to rest, while other times we use them to hold clippings, jot down random notes or a lyric from a song.  The process may seem arbitrary, but we call it a stream of consciousness (taking a page, quite literally from James Joyce’s notebook).  With time the unconnected, random assortment of thoughts and collections turn into a jewel of an idea.  Scribbles turn into a straight line, pointing directly to an objective and this process is something we cherish.


One thought on “SCRIBBLES

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